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CBT for UrBackup on Windows

Change block tracking for UrBackup Client on Windows speeds up image and file backups performed by UrBackup by tracking which blocks change between backups. Without change block tracking all data has to be read and inspected in order to find and transfer the differences during an incremental image or file backups. This can take hours compared to the same taking minutes with change block information. This enables backup strategies with hourly (or less) incremental image backups and fast incremental file backups of larger files (e.g. database files).

You need a license for each client on which you want to use the change block tracking driver.

Important: Change block tracking does not work on Windows Vista x64 or Windows Server 2008 x64 (Vista Server).

Includes 2.x updates. Works with UrBackup Server 2.x.

Purchase change block tracking for UrBackup Client on Windows (17USD excl. VAT per Client)

Contact if you have questions. See also the FAQ.